Antártica Audible – Podcast

Hey folks,

I’m currently working on Antártica Audible, a podcast with Antarctic soundscapes and interviews with scientists that work there.

Antártica Audible

The 4th installment should premiere on the 19th of January and there will be a total of 10 episodes.

You can listen to the Podcast at Emisor Podcasting and on Spotify

The podcast is in Spanish.

Besides that, making some music and released 2 things.

One is a completely random release that arose out of an urgency to put that music out:

The other is a collaborative improvisation with my daughter:

Hope all of you are safe and healthy. Big hugs towards whoever reads this! ❤


Interesting Content Accumulator & update.

There’s a new menu section called Interesting Content Accumulator at the top right. It’s a telegram channel that accumulates interesting content and you can follow it here.

The idea is to have a group of people that submit and discuss content through a group chat. For the moment I’m curating the content that gets posted to the channel, but hopefully somebody will join me.

The channel is multilingual (English/Spanish/German) at the moment, but basically everything goes as long as it’s interesting.

Here’s a preview:

I’m also working on a music video for Void Spectre. I’ll hopefully manage to get it done this year. I’ll let you know.

And oh well, Corona is still ongoing, hope you’re all safe and sound. Use a mask and wash your hands.


edit: meh. the preview isn’t working, so please just join the channel at

Void Spectre (LP) // Out Now

Today my debut LP “Void Spectre” released on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play Music and a shitload of other platforms.

Personally, if you choose to buy the record, I’d recommend you buy it on Bandcamp. You also get a continuous mix of the record as a bonus track if you buy it there.

The artwork was done by the wonderful Lisa Slawitz and the fittingly claustrophobic accompanying text by my dear @rohrspatzenpost. ❤

I want to thank everyone who has been supportive in the last years and made it possible to release this record. Being able to make music means the world to me.

Enjoy the album!

new EP, release party

Hey folks!

I’ve been making lots of music lately, and some of that has to be released. I’m very glad to announce the release of my new EP “” which will release on friday the 17th of January 2020.

You can listen to 33cdc and also esoterik 108 right here, right now. (right below actually)

I’ll also be having a little live release thingy in Valdivia in the first week of February, but I’ll keep you up to date about that.



I just moved to Santiago again and took the opportunity to update this website. You can find more content in the upper right corner menu.

What have I been up to since 2017?

Mostly figuring out how to be a parent.

I’ve also been making music, trying myself out as a DJ, really getting into modular thanks to VCVRack, getting into visual synthesis and video editing, jumpstarting a community-based online-radio (it’s offline now, but you can still listen to the shows we produced) at Espacio en Construcción, working at a bookstore and being part of the wonderful makerspace La Cisne Negro, where the short-lived Club de Síntesis took place, among other wonderful things. Thank you for having me, folks. ❤

I’ve played live a couple of times at Galeria Barrios Bajos and want to express my eternal gratitude to the wonderful Elisa and Gaby, who are working tirelessly in Valdivia, where a space, encouraging words,  and lots of backstage work on their parts are what makes an enormous difference in the cultural landscape of Valdivia.

I have also been very lucky and given the chance to work with a couple of new friends on a play called IMPOSTORAS, which you can still go and see until the 18th of August, every Thursday to Sunday at 9pm.

Finally, I’m working on a new release. It’s already recorded, and this is all improvised modular electronic/techno/experimental stuff. This will probably not be released as Harmonico Clamor, maybe just KALMAR or Lukas Kalmar, but you can go and have a listen to what I’ve been up to with my modular setup here: