I just moved to Santiago again and took the opportunity to update this website. You can find more content in the upper right corner menu.

What have I been up to since 2017?

Mostly figuring out how to be a parent.

I’ve also been making music, trying myself out as a DJ, really getting into modular thanks to VCVRack, getting into visual synthesis and video editing, jumpstarting a community-based online-radio (it’s offline now, but you can still listen to the shows we produced) at Espacio en Construcción, working at a bookstore and being part of the wonderful makerspace La Cisne Negro, where the short-lived Club de Síntesis took place, among other wonderful things. Thank you for having me, folks. ❤

I’ve played live a couple of times at Galeria Barrios Bajos and want to express my eternal gratitude to the wonderful Elisa and Gaby, who are working tirelessly in Valdivia, where a space, encouraging words,  and lots of backstage work on their parts are what makes an enormous difference in the cultural landscape of Valdivia.

I have also been very lucky and given the chance to work with a couple of new friends on a play called IMPOSTORAS, which you can still go and see until the 18th of August, every Thursday to Sunday at 9pm.

Finally, I’m working on a new release. It’s already recorded, and this is all improvised modular electronic/techno/experimental stuff. This will probably not be released as Harmonico Clamor, maybe just KALMAR or Lukas Kalmar, but you can go and have a listen to what I’ve been up to with my modular setup here:



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