Interesting Content Accumulator & update.

There’s a new menu section called Interesting Content Accumulator at the top right. It’s a telegram channel that accumulates interesting content and you can follow it here.

The idea is to have a group of people that submit and discuss content through a group chat. For the moment I’m curating the content that gets posted to the channel, but hopefully somebody will join me.

The channel is multilingual (English/Spanish/German) at the moment, but basically everything goes as long as it’s interesting.

Here’s a preview:

I’m also working on a music video for Void Spectre. I’ll hopefully manage to get it done this year. I’ll let you know.

And oh well, Corona is still ongoing, hope you’re all safe and sound. Use a mask and wash your hands.


edit: meh. the preview isn’t working, so please just join the channel at

ludum dare 38 – toy run

i participated in ludum dare 38 as an audio lead in the last 3 days!

the theme was “A Small World”. here’s the result: Toy Run

Tim Beaudet was the mastermind of this, he was really nice to work with. thanks for having me!

overall, this was a very fun experience and i feel i’ve learned a lot, but i hope to be better prepared hardware-wise next time. i’m currently running antergos on my laptop and wanted to switch back to windows before ludum dare. that took me down a linux and finally mac troubleshooting rabbit hole that shortened 2 nights of sleep, energy that would have been good to have during the actual event. oh well.

also, my friend gian paolo was kind enough to give me a hand with the music a bit. you should check out his music! Aguilas Paralelas Soundcloud

you should also check out the game my friend zota worked on. love the main theme she did: Our Cramped Little World